What is GapDoc?
GapDoc simplifies medical travel by connecting patients with hospitals overseas. You will be able to browse through many hospitals, read about their doctors, check pricing they offer on different procedures and finally be able to contact them directly. We are trying to cut down the discovery process and the time you spend researching on options available to you across the world.

How did you choose the name GapDoc?
Our founders started the company with their personal savings and wanted a non premium domain which didn’t cost a lot.

Is GapDoc a healthcare provider?
No. We are not a healthcare provider as we do not offer any medical service. We were mere intermediary between you and the clinics.

How does GapDoc make money?
We charge the clinics a fee. However clinics have an agreement with us that they cannot charge you lesser if you approach them through any other means. We are working with providing you complimentary medicine (in your home country) via partnerships.

Is GapDoc hiring?
Its star players who make a company great. We are always hiring but only the best. Reach out to us on career@gapdoc.com.

Can I trust GapDoc with my information?
Of-course. We are merely trying to help you connect with multiple hospitals so that you may make informed decisions on your health.

How do you select hospitals?
We select hospitals based on a number of factors. Most importantly we check if they have good accreditations such as JCI. We also list hospitals which has high standards of medical care at very affordable prices, so as to make that information available.

Is GapDoc free for patients?
Yes indeed. Its absolutely FREE to use GapDoc.

How do I know which hospital to choose?
Choosing a hospital is a personal choice, which depends on which country you want to get operated in. We provide you a lot of information on our website and are happy to send you additional information if you write to us. You may want to read about the Doctors and ask specific questions to the hospitals about your procedure, if they have translators who speak your language, if they serve food which you eat in your home country, and other questions which might have importance to you.

Can I call GapDoc to book an appointment?
We would recommend writing us an email on info@gapdoc.com.

I cannot find a hospital based on my requirements.
We would recommend writing us an email on info@gapdoc.com.

What is included in the price?
Each estimate is provided by the clinic. You must share your complete medical history and specific needs and then the clinics will be able to give you an estimate.

Does my insurance cover my travel?
We suggest give your insurance company a call. We can check which hospitals accept your insurance if you email us on info@gapdoc.com.

Where is my conversation with the clinics saved?
All conversations with the clinics are saves in your inbox. You can find it on the home page on the top right side under the arrow beside Hi.

Who arranges my travel program?
After you have confirmed with the hospital, they will arrange for your visas, flights, ground transport, reserve a near by hotel on your behalf, arrange for medical translation (along with other services). Our trip planner will help you stay organized where the clinics can feed these information. Should you require any assistance reach out to the GapDoc Team.

Can I cancel the planned trip or reschedule it.
All refunds etc should be discussed with the hospitals and a penalty for cancelling or charges for rescheduling might be charged by them.

Can I reach out to GapDoc even after my treatment?
Sure we are here at all times to help you.

Why must I list my healthcare facility with GapDoc?
It will help you reach out to thousands of potential patients in most part of the world.

Which countries do you operate in?
We are operational world wide with a focus on Africa.

How do I list my healthcare facility?
We will provide you an invite code which you need to punch In on ‘List your hospital section’. After wards the process is quite self explanatory. Our team can also list you. After you have listed your hospital, we will need to review it and make it live.

What service must our facility process to qualify?
We are currently working mostly with internationally accredited hospitals. We look for past experience of having handled international patients. You must have the ability to arrange for travel, book accommodation, pick up the patients fro the airport, arrange for medical translations, local tourism options and such other service as the patient may ask of you. We would recommend writing us an email on info@gapdoc.com, if you would like to work with us.

Can clinic reviews be edited or deleted?
We do not allow you to edit any remarks. If you feel a remark has been written which is not true or in malice then you have an option to block it via your dashboard.

What is the hospital dashboard?
We provide you a dash board to interact with and manage patient’s enquiries. You can view their medical records on it and upload their trip information etc. You can mark the leads as converted or lost to competition etc.

How do I pay GapDoc?
This is laid out in the contract you sign with us.