About us


Starting Story
There were a series of Eureka moments. Saurabh Maskara, was traveling through Africa and had to go to a hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He was surprised to see the high cost and poor services in the hospitals compared to the low cost and high standards back in Bangalore, India. Accidentally the same evening, a client from Lagos, Nigeria called requesting for information on a good clinic in India where his sister could undergo a heart surgery. While at a exchange in New York last summer, he had to pay USD 80 to see a student dentist at Columbia University, while the costs in India are probably 20% of that. India infact offers same quality healthcare as United States at a price which is must lower and wait times which is so much shorter. Gapdoc.com was born out this experience.

Research made so simple
We simplify the hospital discovery platform and thereby helping you avoid days of research, multiple emails, missed calls, calls of hold and other frustrations which are very normal when you reach out to multiple hospitals abroad.

Pricing, wait times
People usually travel to have access to more affordable healthcare. (80% cheaper in many cases, when comparing prices between countries) or to reduce the wait times or both.

The team
We are busy hiring a multi-lingual team, apart from our existing English speaking team which will be offering you telephonic and electronic support 24x7, 365 days.

We just got started and we are still building better solutions, entering into better partnerships to make your medical travel stress free.